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 June 25, 2007
Some new features have been added, considering your requests as well.

Güle güle kullanın :)

 March 23, 2007
We experienced that the first cache has been hidden. An important step in the "history" of our site.
Let's go and find it :)

 March 21, 2007
On the Cache Details page you can search for those caches what are in the given distance from the selected cache (nearby caches)
Güle güle kullanın :)

 February 13, 2007
The Geocaching Türkiye Forum has been put on the site. We are using the SMF (Simple Machines) forum application.
Güle güle kullanın :)

 December, 2006
The site started up in test mode. As we are doing all developments related to the site in our free time, it has taken time to make it in a working state.
Right now the site can be used, however there are lots of job to be done to add more features. But we won't give it up :)

 somewhen in year 2005
An idea just came up, that as in Turkey there are lots of beautiful places, what are unknown in many cases, let's try to make something what may can be popular and can help others as well to know these "hidden" places. Also let's move out people from their home and goad them to do something good.
This "something" came to our mind is Geocaching.

Our mission is to build up a well working community where Geocaching, trekking, traveling are connecting the members.
We really hope that to be a member of this community gives many advantages to all of the members.