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HOWTO guideline - How to hide your first cache?

Before hiding your first cache, please read carefully this guideline.
If you have any ideas we should add to this guide, please contact us and let us know.

Have you got enough information about the place?

Once you are planning to hide a cache, most probably you know the place well, however please be sure that you have the information we are requesting about the location of the cache.

Choose the location of your cache

Please consider the following things:

Create your cache

As a cache you can use any waterproof solution. The most simple cache can be the plastic box what you are using at home in the fridge.

Do not forget to mark your cache somehow, so that if someone finds it who does not know geocaching can have some clue what kind of object he/she could find.

With a permanent marker you can write the name, the code of the cache, the coordinates and may you should put the URL of the web site ( so that if someone has any comment about the cache, can contact you.

What to put into your cache

Basically it is up to you what you will put into your cache, but do not forget to put the logbook and a pen. Others who could find your cache can make their cache log into this logbook.
Also you should put a welcome message. This can welcome the finder, also can explain the meaning of the cache for someone who does not know Geocaching.

Finally, you should put the "treasure" into the cache. It is depending on you how valuable thing you put in the cache, generally something small (post card, key holder, small figures, toys, cd, dvd etc.).

We are asking you only one thing. If you are putting the car keys of your luxury sport car into the cache, please do not forget to let us know this before registering the cache on the page, and give us (and only to us :)) the coordinates of the place where you have parked the car.

However it is up to you what you put in the cache, please do not put any illegal or dangerous things.

Hiding your cache

Once you have finished the preparation, you should move to the location where you would like to put your cache.
Take the coordinates of it (make more tries - walk away then back to get the best position). If by any reason the GPS can have difficulties to get the coordinates quite exact, please make a note on your cache registration page and give some hints to be able to find it. With the permanent marker write the coordinates on the cache, and of course do not forget to save the coordinates for yourself.

Then try to secure the cache with some objects to avoid it to falling down or moving away.

Finally, if you consider it is necessary, cover it with dead branches, or dead leaves, stones.

Register your cache

If you could manage to hide the cache well, may nobody will know it and find it. To let it know by others, please register your hiding on (or in english).

Provide the necessary data about your cache we are asking on the page, but you can write even more of course.

If the location of the cache has it's own history (or a place very near) please share the information you have.

This can give the chance to all of us to get some useful information about the location what you have chosen.

Do not forget to write about any extreme specialities of the place (special clothing is required, hints about the hiding if you consider it necessary, etc.).

Check regularly your cache

Once you have your own cache hidden, you should not forget about it. You should maintain it regularly. Please check whether the cache logbook is there, the pen is provided, etc. Fix the hiding if a finder did not put it back properly to it's planned place.

Visit regularly the web site, because if somebody could not enter the exact answer what you expect for your question, then it is your job to decide whether the given answer is acceptable or not. Also may someone put a useful comment about your cache or it is in a wrong place, so you should remove it. Maybe the cache has generated an unexpected traffic at the area or a crossing area to your cache. Maybe the look of the area got worse after your cache has been put there.
Always keep in your mind and check these things and if there is any concerns regarding your cache, please remove it or try to find a close but new location for it.

Have a good hunting!