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Date added Cache code Province User Details
2013-01-08 GCTsg001 Bursa mountaineer16 39.03 km Details
2008-12-08 GCTULUDAG İstanbul ufuk 25.39 km Details
2007-12-23 GCT3KARD_2 Yalova ufuk 26.85 km Details
2007-04-22 GCTSDSN Yalova ufuk 23.18 km Details
2007-03-31 GCTTSVKY Yalova ufuk 25.69 km Details
2007-03-31 GCT3KARDES Yalova ufuk 26.78 km Details
2007-03-31 GCTTERMAL Yalova ufuk 27.11 km Details
2007-03-31 GCTCINAR Bursa ufuk 21.63 km Details

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